iLEX RAT - Remove All Tweaks

iLex-R.A.T. let your iPhone bring back to original state

iLEX RAT is the best freeware to remove all cydia tweaks at once if you messed up your iPhone with tons of useless Cydia Apps. iLEX rat works with any iPhone or iPad. You must have supporting elements to run iLEX rat on your iPhone or iPAD. iLEX rat works in mobile terminal and bit different than other apps which you run on your Apple device. Please check our iLEX rat video tutorial for step by step guide how to remove all cydia tweaks using iLex rat. Also go through the iLex rat FAQ section for more clarifications and troubleshoot. Use download button for iLex rat download.

ilex rat restore iphone 4S
ilex rat direct download for windows ilex rat tutorial and troubleshoot Jailbreak your iPhone before install cydia

How to use iLEX Rat to restore your iPhone

iLex RAT is a script that allows you to remove all Cydia tweaks with dependencies and settings. It also allows you to clear Cydias cache, troubleshoot and repair Cydia. Jump over the break to check out how to use this script

NOTE: this script appears to work as advertised. But just to make sure, use only in extreme cases. Dont blame us if you are messing up your device and need to restore (and loose your jailbreak/unlock)