. iLex Rat - Restore jailbroken iPhone or iPad back to original state

Remove All Tweaks

iLEX-R.A.T. let your iPhone bring back to original state


iLEX RAT let your iPhone bring back to original state.

iLEX RAT is the best freeware to remove all cydia tweaks at once if you messed up your iPhone with tons of useless Cydia AppsiLEX RAT works with any iPhone or iPad or iPod. You must have supporting elements to run iLEX rat on your iPhone or iPAD. iLEX rat works in mobile terminal and bit different than other apps which you run on your Apple device. Please check our iLEX rat video tutorial for step by step guide how to remove all cydia tweaks using iLex rat. Also go through the iLex rat FAQ section for more clarifications and troubleshoot. Use download button for iLex rat download.


Download iLEX RAT Tool

The iLEX RAT is a pretty simple command line tool that runs directly on the iOS device. This is excellent for folks who don't want to fool up into their devices with SSHing and perform any of the ssh commands SemiRestore includes.


When you will download iLex Rat, you will have other features in your system which will help you deal with Cydia.We listed some of the main features you could have by downloading iLex Rat.

    1. With dependencies and settings you can delete all the cydia modifications.

    2. Cydia troubleshoot and patch if any problem occurs.

    3. You can also clear your Cydia cache using iLex Rat.

    4. It's also really easy to use as within iLex Rae there is a simple operation.

    5. Use iLex Rat, you can restore the Cydia apps and tweaks.

    6. All your unwanted Cydia Software, modifications and other dependencies can be removed in seconds.

    7. You can get rid of all the faults you've made in the cydia marketplace.

    8. The iLex Rat is 100% Online. And don't waste money installing or using this freeware.


How to use iLEX Rat to restore your iPhone ?

iLex RAT is a script that allows you to remove all Cydia tweaks with dependencies and settings. It also allows you to clear Cydias cache, troubleshoot and repair Cydia. Jump over the break to check out how to use this script.

NOTE: this script appears to work as advertised. But just to make sure, use only in extreme cases. Dont blame us if you are messing up your device and need to restore (and loose your jailbreak/unlock)

    1. Download MobileTerminal and iFile via Cydia

    2. From your iOS device open this link

    3. Tap on Download

    4. Tap on Open in iFile

    5. Tap on Installer

    6. You are done. Now everytime you want to run the script, load MobileTerminal and type RAT. You will be presented with the following choices. Use carefully !!!

iLEX RAT - frequently asked questions (FAQ)


iLex Rat is a app which helps iPhone users to get rid of messed Cydia tweaks and dependencies. iLEX RAT will bring your iPhone or iPad back to it's original state. But it'll not harm or damage to your Jailbroken state.

QUESTION 02 - Does my Apple device supports for iLex Rat?

iLex RAT is compatible for Any iPhone, iPad or iPod runs from iOS 4.X.x to iOS 6.X.X. That means almost all devices supports.

QUESTION 03 - My iPhone is not jailbroken. Can I still use iLEX RAT?

What's the point of using it then? If your device is not jailbroken, Then you definitely can't have Cydia Apps on your iPhone. So there's nothing to remove.

QUESTION 04 - How do I run it?

Ilex rat runs on mobile terminal. There are two options to run iLex rat. from your iPhone or via your PC. If you want to run it on your device it self, You need to get Mobile Terminal on your iPhone or iPad. We have included all necessary details and download links in our download bundle. Simply run the mobile terminal once you installed it on your device and enter "Rat" to start process. If you planned to run ilexrat via your desktop pc, Then you need SSH on your PC. SSH is a third party software which link your PC to iPhone via terminal. If you are not familiar with SSH, Just install iFunbox on your PC. SSH terminal included init. Once you have SSH on your PC, Then connect your iPhone properly to PC and confirm whether the connection is ok and your device identified correctly. type "rat" at the command prompt if everything is ok.

QUESTION 05 - I got everything above and ready to go. What's next?

Please check our video for step by step guide through the process of iLex Rat.

QUESTION 06 - Is iLex RAT standalone or does it require any supportive apps?

iLEX RAT has some dependencies. apt7, sed, coreutils, coreutils-bin, openssl, openssh, gawk, zip, unzip. Most of these are included in your Apple device once it has been jailbroken. So you will no have to bother about these dependencies.


Using iLex Rat to uninstall all Cydia Apps and Tweaks and Dependencies Once, Backup and Restore all DEB Cydia Fix Cydia Apps and Tweaks and Dependencies The iLEX RAT is a fairly simple command line tool that runs directly on the iOS system. This is perfect for people who don't want to fool up into their computers with SSHing and execute any of the ssh commands SemiRestore needs.

ILEX RAT is easy to run. You simply add your Cydia sources to a new directory, and install the iLEX RAT kit. You will also need to install MobileTerminal which makes it so that when running the restore you don't need a device. Bnd you have to install OpenSSH and APT 0.7 from Cydia, and if you're using SemiRestore, you also have to run some measures on your Computer.

This is less difficult and when it comes to removing anything from your system it is more effective. Only works iLex RAT.

This also removed more objects than was possible with the SemiRestore test. Although iLEX RAT will concentrate on only your device's Cydia aspects, it's still capable of returning your entire system to a stock state.

Having said that, it is imperative that you back up your computer before any restorations are made. iLEX RAT also has a backup and restore device itself, but that goes beyond the reach of this introductory tutorial.


ILEX RAT is developed and given free rights by iLEXRat. So all tool credits should go to the developing team where we can expect more updated tool versions with better firmware and device compatibility. We do not hold any ownership or copyright of this tool. We are an independent team redistributes app for free with all the tool specifications. Haven’t you tried Download? Give a try and Remove All Tweaks!

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